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Management Practice (MPI) has been an active adviser to mutual fund directors and their counsel since 1970. As an independent advisor we can provide a variety of consulting services for your company. Listed below are just a few of our specialties:

  1. Compensation Review for Independent Directors - We use industry peer group comparisons and independent in-depth analyses to assess the effort, expertise and exposure of each director in order to properly set pay level.
  2. Board Director/Trustee Recruiting and Placement - In partnership with the Board Nominating Committee, MPI analyzes a board’s capabilities, characteristics, future needs and retirement cycles in order to identify the ideal candidate with the qualifications and qualities necessary to be a successful director or trustee.For more information on this service, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  3. Contract Renewal / 15(c) - We provide interactive assistance to fund boards which are in the process of analyzing, negotiating and renewing the advisory and other related contracts.
  4. Director Workshops - We facilitate workshops across the country that focus on particular topics such as compensation or the role of the Independent Chairman.
  5. Trustee Education Publishing - We provide publications intended to educated trustees in all aspects of mutual fund management.
  6. Fee Litigation - We review comparisons of fund fee structures and expenses with similar funds, analysis of changes and trends in fee structures, and analysis of relationship profitability.
  7. 12b-1 Plans - We evaluate costs related to proposed or existing plans, including tracking of appropriate distribution expenses.
  8. Expert Witness Services - We provide expert witnesses services to fund boards and have served as expert witness for independent directors in a variety of cases.

For more information on how we can help simply contact us or  take a look at some of our brochures.

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