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Management Practice, Inc. is proud to publish a new book for mutual fund directors, by the well-known director and '40 Act lawyer Jim Storey in association with Toby Clyde. This is their second work; Glasser LegalWorks published the first, Mutual Fund Law Handbook.



The Uneasy Chaperone offers a wide-ranging look at the responsibilities and activities of mutual fund boards of directors and at the challenges facing the individual independent director. The media and the SEC announce repeatedly that fund directors are "watchdogs", but what does that really mean? This lively and down-to-earth book deals bluntly with the realities of being a "watchdog" and provides real-life advice on how to manage the subtle conflicts and astonishing complexity generated by the modern fund group. The authors also formulate a coherent strategy and frame of mind with which independent directors can approach their complex role.

Today's Independent Directors are on the Hot Seat!
The Uneasy Chaperone deals candidly with the topics that concern directors right now.

  • How does the mutual fund business work in real life?
  • What are the independent director's accountabilities?
  • What does the SEC really want from independent directors?
  • What kind of time and effort should board service take?
  • What can go wrong?
  • What's expected of the director in a crisis?
  • What's the director's exposure to personal liability? 

This handy resource draws on Jim Storey's more than 40 years of experience with mutual fund governance and fund boards of directors. It can help to ease a director's uncertainties and anxieties and make fund board service a genuinely rewarding experience.

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