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15(c) Services


Executive Summaries

  • For over 40 years, Management Practice has been preparing executive summaries and other governance reports for mutual fund boards.
  • By using a third party service, board and management gain comfort from an unbiased set of experts and analysts reviewing information and presenting summary conclusions for the contract renewal process.
  • The experts at MPI help articulate and document exceptions unique to each fund.
  • Analysts format data and charts to meet the board’s needs in presentation and scope.
  • MPI provides education services to boards or individual trustees as needed.

Database and Reporting

  • MPI maintains a proprietary fee and operations database for funds that don’t subscribe to fee and expense data services. 
  • We incorporate any third-party data the board is comfortable using.
  • MPI has always been at the forefront of new development in fund disclosure.  For example, we now maintain a database of XBRL data.
  • Our reports are run in the latest reporting software. No requests for modifications of charts or tables is too small, or unimportant to us. 

Charts and Tables

  • Collaborative selection of the most relevant peer group for each fund’s unique profile
  • Short and long term performance against benchmarks and peers 
  • Expense analysis against peers
    • Advisory and Administrative
    • Transfer agency
    • 12b-1
    • Accounting
    • Trading 
    • Custodian
    • Total expense 
  • Hypothetical advisory fees for a range of asset levels
  • Five-year expense history related to assets and flows
  • Monthly assets, sales, redemptions and net-flows
  • Portfolio turnover, brokerage costs and tax-efficiency
  • Volatility and style drift
  • Three-factor statistics
  • Profitability analysis
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