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Bulletins and ariticles related to all board activities.

folder icon 2 Investment Committee
Bulletins and Articles related to monitoring investment performance
folder icon 3 Nominating Committee
Bulletins and articles related to finding, nominating and electing new trustees.
folder icon 11 Contracts Committee
Bulletins and articles related to the advisory and other vendor contracts
folder icon 2 Governance Committee
Bulletins and articles related to board policies
folder icon 9 Board Compensation
Bulletins and articles related to setting trustee/director compensation.  Provides summaries of MPI's annual survey.
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Bulletins and articles related to the fund auditing/review process.
folder icon 1 Canadian Mutual Funds
Bulletins and articles related to fund governance in Canada.
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Bulletins and articles related to trustee education.
folder icon 1 Brokerage Committee
Bulletins and articles related to the review of trading commissions and best execution.
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Bulletins and articles related to fund distribution.
folder icon 10 CCO Responsibilities and Compensation
Bulletins and articles related to the board's relationship with the CCO.

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file icon The Play Is The Thing 12/12/2007 Hits: 2235
Two Playlets for Use by Mutual Fund Trustees to Illustrate their Rapidly Growing Importance
file icon Strengthening Mutual Fund Governance 12/12/2007 Hits: 2132
Exploring Alternative Concepts for Mutual Fund Governance
file icon Returning Assets and Profits in the First Half of 2009 11/02/2009 Hits: 1600
As markets rebounded in 2009 from the tumultuous decline in 2008, the 1st and 2nd quarter end assets under management of management companies generally also improved, and revenue went right along for the upswing. Advisory and operating margins also improved but not to quite the same extent.
file icon Profitability Benchmarks in Contract Renewal 04/02/2008 Hits: 2836
Results from MPI's Annual Survey of Mutual Fund Profitability--April 2008.
file icon Hear My Voice 12/12/2007 Hits: 2293
What A Fund Customer Wants From A Fund Director
file icon Debating the Chair 12/12/2007 Hits: 2026
Debating the 75% Independent and the Independent Chair Rule
file icon Assessing the Independent Chairman 12/12/2007 Hits: 2414
Assessing the Costs and Alternatives of an Independent Chairman for
Mutual Funds
file icon A selection of recent bulletins - 2011 01/21/2011 Hits: 3602


  • The “Value Added” Contract Renewal Process
  • Three Eras of Selecting Peers for Contract Renewal: Using Investment Strategy Rather than Objective or Style
  • Comparing the “Degree of Difficulty”: A New Approach to Fund Director Compensation
  • The E3+O Process: How to Set Fund Director Compensation
  • Mergers and Meetings Drive Moderate Growth for Fund Director Pay in 2009
  • CCO Pay Rebounds Slightly at Larger Firms; CCOs More Involved in Risk Management
  • Supreme Court Confirms Need for 2009 Profitability Benchmarks
  • The Search for New Fund Directors
  • Working to Improve a Fund Stewardship Grade
  • Building a Process to Recruit a Diverse Fund Board
  • Profiling and Compensating the Independent Chairman